Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport is easily accessible.  We are located near highways 13 and 40, our trained staff has years of experience dealing with custom brokers and freight forwarders.  Rates are determined by weight and/or cubic volume.



Our Ocean department works closely with you and your broker.  Your shipment is tracked until it becomes available.  We then have the advantage of picking up and delivering your good quickly and efficiently.  Rates are determined by weight and/or cubic volume.



Our extensive fleet of vehicles enable us to send the right truck for your delivery.  Whether it’s going across the street or across town,it arrives on time.  Flat rate for skids, boxes, envelopes and groceries.Fully insured transport.  For all your needs!

tothedoor5Grocery delivery

Each grocery store has its own exclusive driver.  Professional and dedicated to their clients,our drivers are trained in-house on customer service relations.  Your clients know who is coming into their home,Immediate back-up vehicles are on stand-by, guaranteeing delivery times within 2 hours.